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Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

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Your Strategy Needs a Strategy is a hands on learning tool for business executives, students, and curious strategists of any kind to experience strategic environments and understand how to choose and execute the right approach to strategy. Using the simplest of businesses - selling lemonade, players must adapt their strategic approach to the various business environments of New York City's five boroughs. Based on the insights of the book Your Strategy Needs a Strategy (Harvard Business Press 2015), this app brings to life the different strategic approaches necessary to survive and thrive in today's dynamic and diverse business environments. Key features:- 5 different boroughs representing 5 fundamental strategic environments: classical, adaptive, visionary, shaping, renewal.- In total, 15 levels of gameplay against an increasingly challenging and strategically adept, computer opponent named after BCG's founder Bruce D. Henderson- A Sandbox level where you can choose your preferred environment and level of difficulty- In-game tips and post-game debriefs connect the gameplay to both theory and strategy in the real world- Interactive Learn More section that provides background on the strategic concepts underlying each environment and approach to strategy- Sample content from the book Your Strategy Needs a Strategy (Harvard Business Press 2015)- Direct links to further materials and videos, such as a TED talk (
- Extended seminar version of game available as part of BCG's broader strategy offering. Please reach out to the BCG Henderson Institute at for more information.